My new schedule – How do I manage work and baby at the same time


A fresh wind is blowing through the loop villa! Like every new mom, Lily and I had to find our rhythm first and what can I say .. Forget it! Lily is probably the most wonderful non-calculable variable in my calculation, which is called “new life”. So how do I manage to get time for myself, find time for my projects, have time for my bow and share moments with Chris? Here is my new “Plan”.

The day during the week belongs to Lily alone.

The day during the week belongs to Lily alone. When she is awake, my new mummy eyes are on her and I fully enjoy playing, going out, bathing and eating with her. I want her to know that she and her daddy are always number 1 in my world. But when she is awake I don’t come to anything else. At least not to a writing or video editing task. I noticed that pretty quickly (I’m smiling just as I’m typing this and scratching my forehead and saying to myself: “Jessy, how could you ever seriously imagine you could do computer work on the side when the baby is awake”).


Now she is  6 months old and only sleeps 30 minutes a day several times a day. So the first nap of the day gives me some time to get ready for the day. I use the other naps for writing, filming or video editing.

The Evening – When Chris comes home it’s family time. Chris’ and my new “routine” is to have dinner on the floor and talk about our day. We eat and enjoy a glass of wine right where Lily plays and “robs”. I built a play corner for her to play in (there is more about this in another blog post). This time is for us as a couple and as a family.

Often Chris cooks us something (it’s no secret that I’m not the super housewife ha!) while I hold Lily and we sit at the kitchen counter and watch dad cooking and talk to him.

In the evenings during the week when we have put Lily to bed after her evening routine of eating, bathing, reading, cuddling and drinking, Chris’ and my “free time” begins, in which we sit across from each other, each at his table, listening to music and working on our projects. His is currently looking for a house for us in America, because we have to take care of it alone every time we move, while I edit or write videos or answer emails and comments. So Chris and I create something and still be together and everyone looks up at each other from time to time and talks in between.  For example, he tells me about a new house and I show him the latest video in between.

But what do I have to do differently now? SAY BYE-BYE TO PERFECTION!

I have found a new way of organizing my time and the nice thing is that Lily gets all the attention she deserves. But what I have to do differently now? SAY BYE-BYE TO PERFECTION!
There’s no such thing as perfect anymore and that’s okay. I have less time for a blog article or a video than before Baby but I feel that I can do a lot more with that little time. Why? BECAUSE I MUST. Very simple!

JessyOnlineMy day of the week looks different now in terms of time management and not-all-Jessy-alone time but still there is room for a lot of togetherness, family, Lily and my work. Through this new time management, which I had to find through a month-long growth process and acclimatization period, it is now also possible for me to concentrate more on my projects. I miss writing and am now finally looking forward to becoming a little more active here again. However, it is impossible to do everything at the same time as intensive as the other. Something will always fall by the wayside. And that is okay.

I’m also recording the last episode of my free podcast in iTunes in the coming days. Not only because we are leaving Korea, but also because I have to say goodbye to something to have more time for other projects.

In general I also took the pressure off and said “Jessy, if you want to publish a new blog post, you do it and if you don’t have time for it for a few weeks, nobody will be angry with you (I know that I have the best community!).

I do a lot of my work at night and on weekends when Chris is at home (especially filming at clients’ locations). This reads so easy, but believe me, it’s exactly the opposite. All the time I feel like I’m not getting ahead and I’m lagging behind. I don’t have time to answer every comment or to make everything perfect. That’s why I sometimes think “phew I run and run and don’t get ahead”. But then when I see that I have managed to shoot a video job for a customer, edit my own video for my YouTube channel and answer emails (even if I can’t answer all of them anymore. ) I say to myself: “Yes, Jessy, I can. Close your eyes and go through.”

If you now think “Oh my God, Jessy is so organized and never hangs out” then: um oh man, are you wrong, fake the wrong thing haha. Of course there are often days when I can’t do anything (neither work nor home) because I’m exhausted, sick or just don’t feel like it. So I use the evenings or Lily’s naps during the day to put my feet up myself or to “snorkel”, because Happy Mama means Happy Baby!

The timing may look different in a few weeks but that’s what works for us right now. I love my work and my new role as mom and I don’t want to miss either one or the other. That’s why I give it my all (jump with an angled arm, tensing my biceps and screaming “yes, we can do it!)






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