DIY baby play corner – self-made baby playground in our living room

Our play area was actually created out of necessity. We just needed a place outside of their “playpen / baby travel cot” that we have in the living room to be able to crawl and sit freely and without restrictions. It worked. Lily is now showing the first signs of crawling and self-sitting at almost 7 months. Yeahh!

Here first a few photos of the corner and then information and the video:

IMG_4948 IMG_4945 IMG_4947 IMG_4949 IMG_4985




Important for us:

– Mirror elements

– Lily’s favorite toy (more info about her favorite toy here ->

– structures and surfaces: wood, fabric, corrugated, smooth…

– the same applies to patterns: many variations -> dotted, checked, striped…

– Baby faces and baby emotions printed on paper and glued to the mirror -> just google “Baby faces”

– the black and white images that stimulate babies’ brains Thanks to the high contrast of these two colors, I just googled, printed them out and glued them to the mirror (just google “infant stimulation cards”)

– I integrated my yoga mat because it is and was ideal for Lily and her 6 months here with us: soft and yet hard enough to crawl on and “stick” to

– also i always put a basket or a box filled with toys so lily can knock them over and clean them out Because she loves that!

– Books are in the corner too, so Lily and I can include reading moments and quiet play

– of course I also built in her Activity-Mat/Activity Gym – so you can shimmy down from above

The most important thing for Lily in our play corner was to have fun while exploring and I can sit in the corner in the morning and drink my coffee. A Win Win situation 😉

If you have any questions, just write to me in the comments. Have fun building a playground for the little ones. So much fun!

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