Happy New Year – Time for new goals and adventures

JessyOnlineA new year is dawning and in the Korean Piskai Villa there was a long party last night (while Lily slept well). The turn of the year brings not only a look back at all the events in 2014, but also a look forward to the great adventures that await us in 2015:
a move that we don’t know yet where it will take us (date of publication: yes, we know where it will take us, but you don’t know yet 😉 Mean, I know! but soon we’ll share it), Lily’s first birthday and meeting all the German and American family members who haven’t had the chance to hold her yet. These are just a few of the chapters waiting to be written by us.

It was not always easy for me in my life.

IMG_2807And the adventures for Jessy? I will continue to explore the emigrant lifestyle bandit existence, discover the new mamas existence step by step and continue to build my little Jessy online world. Three such exciting major projects.
It hasn’t always been easy for me in my life for health and other reasons, but I’m sure you feel the same way. That is why I live every day one hundred percent and see it as a miracle. The gift of a new day is not something I take for granted.As

So I can say that 2014 was a very special year for me. Not only did I overcome some hurdles, but I met my second great love, our LilyBoo loop head.
I have also discovered a whole new “professional field” for me. One that allows me to live my creativity, watch Lily grow and help other people and bring joy. Even if the way to an pocket money income to support my little family one day is still long, my Jessy-Online world is already endless fun for me.

My new goals for 2015 result from the experiences of 2014

As mom I want to be the best mom for Lily that is inside me.

As an emigrant, I want to experience the discovery of the new place with children’s eyes and show Lily the wonders that surround us and that every place brings magic and great people, even if you may not like it right away or miss the old one.

IMG_5264As Jessy I want to continue to be me. To have my hobbies, to take good care of myself to stay healthy, to discover the world with Chris and to build and maintain new and old friendships. Because I am not only mom, I am still a happy German girl who enjoys life, has many stories to tell and wants to spread joy with her online projects.

Therefore I wish for JessyOnline to continue growing and that even more viewers discover my YouTube channel and blog.
I wish this not only because I want to reach and entertain as many people as possible, but also because increasing viewer numbers help me to keep my projects going. In order to be able to continue to put so much time, pocket money and energy into my videos, blog and podcast, I also need to have enough people behind me who enjoy it. Because what does it use if all the things I am doing does not really bring joy or help anyone 😉

So I want to thank you already now for supporting me on my way, giving me feedback and inspiration and motivating me to make better and better things. You are unique!

For you I wish happiness, health, joy and much love in 2015, as I already wrote on the About-Me-Seite of my blog:

My goal? To inspire other people a bit and make them happier with what I do. Because everyone deserves to live his life the way he wants to, to feel beautiful, to achieve goals, to be successful and (most importantly) happy.

I want to contribute to this.

Happy New Year for you and your loved ones!

Peace, Love and Happiness,


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