Our first days in the USA I emigrate

Our life on a new continent begins.

I still can’t believe it. Many of you ask us we feel. Chris and I are doing this together for the third time and in the first few days in the “new” country it always feels like we’re just visiting .. it always takes a while until we really realize that we are not going to fly back to the place of residence we are just coming from. This one-way ticket (ticket without a return ticket) is kind of weird.

I had completely forgotten what it’s like to just walk into a store and ask for something or to go to the supermarket and find a selection of organic baby food jars and not just one type or flavor. I can’t complain by a long way, in Korea we didn’t starve to death, but it’s something else when you have access to things like your favorite juice, organic milk or even simple things like yogurt. When I went shopping in Korea sometimes it was like “sold out” or “delivery is delayed by a few weeks”. Then I’m in the Korean supermarket around the corner where there is simply no natural yogurt as we know it. The koreans sugar their natural yogurt (at least in my experience).

Why do you need natural yoghurt, have you heard of the fact that I like it? Turn into herbal quark!! Because the real one doesn’t exist in Korea or America. And anyone who knows me well, that it could raining potatoes with quark haha ​​I would just open my mouth and my stomach would be happy ;-P

The green and CLEAN nature and the fresh air here immediately gave me so much energy. Just going out with Lily and being surrounded by nature is simply surreal after two years in Korea. I’ve already forgotten how it feels. Lily and I spend time outside every day. Priceless!

It’s not all bad about Korea but I have to admit it wasn’t an easy time. I (we) became stronger over the two years there. I am grateful for that. It will definitely have a place in our hearts forever. It already has because of our little bow.

Good for today. As I said, I still can’t quite believe that we came to stay. After the isolation in Korea, a dream came true.

More thoughts can be found here on the blog in the next days.

Here are some first impressions of the past days. Cake, pool and lots of cousin time <3

Hello America! XoXo Jessy

jessyonline in San Francisco


jessyonline in San Francisco jessyonline in San Francisco jessyonline in San Franciscojessyonline in San Franciscojessyonline in San Francisco






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