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Babys Lieblingsspielzeug I JessyOnlineHere are my tips for Baby Lily’s current favorite toy. Great purchases!

When I tell someone that I didn’t know what toys babies like, some experienced moms might frown. But honestly, I learn so many new things every day. I believe that no one is born an ‘all-knowing’ mommy, but rather that being a mom is a wild journey of learning and trying things out. And YES (!) I needed tutoring in baby toys.

After asking for your opinions on Facebook and Instagram and looking around at the few Neumamas who live with me in Korea, I sat down at the computer, opened my Amazon and ordered toys. Our first well noticed. We had already received some used toys from my nieces and nephews. After a short time I was able to find favorites at Lily and I show them to you here. Let’s go!

Motor skills wood rattle from Hess

Motorikrassel von Hess I JessyOnline

Here you can order our Motor skills wood rattle –> http://j.mp/jessysmotorikrasselausholz

The colorful, multi-jointed wooden rattle fascinates Lily and she chews on it like hell. With her questions, 2 bells and moving limbs she entertains Lily for a long time and helps her teething. It is light and easy to put in your pocket. It is also very easy to hang it on the car handle or mobile so that she hangs down and baby can pull her while lying on her back and admire her. This rattle is an absolute must-have when it comes to us.

Sophie La Girafe

Sophie La Girafe I JessyOnline

Here you can order our Sophie –>  http://j.mp/jessyssophielagiraffe

Before I go into detail now, I would like to anticipate the storm that is probably blowing at me in the comments. I know that the giraffe with the serial number 331101 is controversial here in Germany. I am also familiar with the Ökotest report However, all giraffes manufactured after March 2012 comply with the German safety guidelines. The information I refer to can be found here -> http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophie_the_Giraffe

Now for the fun part – Lily loves Sophie’s legs. At first I thought, human, how special a giraffe can be and I have to admit, yes, it can be special for a baby. Lily loves to chew on the legs that reach the back of her cheeks and loves Sophie’s dark spots, which she can easily see because they contrast with the giraffe’s light body. The animal helps our little bow with teething and is also something to “study” and play with.

Infantino Water play mat

Wasserspielmatte von Infantino I JessyOnline

Here you can order the Water play mat–> http://j.mp/jessyswasserspielmatte

She is of a rather “small” stature but perfectly adequate for Lily and me. I love the details.

Little tip: After unpacking, I rubbed them with a cloth that I had previously dipped in lukewarm water and soap. I also let it air out overnight.

O-Ball- Rassel

O-Ball I JessyOnline

Here you can order our Motor skill rattle  –> http://j.mp/jessysoball

Such a great grab toy! Perfect for changing from one hand to the other. I also like to attach it to one of my rubber hair bands and let it hang down from the car seat handle so Lily can pull on it. The little rattle-pearl elements are louder than I expected, which I really like. (Unfortunately I have some rattles which I think are too quiet.) This ball is a great birth present.

Lamaze Doll

Lamaze Spielpuppe I JessyOnline

Here you can order the doll –> http://j.mp/jessyslamazespielpuppe

I was amazed how much the doll “offers”: crackling and rattling, different surfaces and patterns and farms. Really something to discover.

Baby face book

BabyBabyGesichterBuch I JessyOnline IMG_5022

Here you can order our baby face book –> there is NO LINK here, because I think the book is overpriced on the German market.Deshalb hier mein Tip: print out baby faces on the internet and stick them somewhere where you and baby can admire them. That goes down just as well with Baby 😉

My absolute secret tip! Lily “studies” this book formally. Faces simply fascinate babies. Sure, it makes sense, so many different emotions can be read on our faces and babies can learn from them. I look at the book almost daily with Lily.

Game motor loop from Vedes Spielmaus

Spielmotorikschleife von Vede

Here you can order motoric loops –> http://j.mp/jessysmotorikschleife

A classic! And rightly so, in my opinion. Great colors, great quality. I don’t think I need to say more about it. Lily already loves it, although it is actually intended for older children. It’s a great toy that helps her practice small finger movements. I am so in love with this play loop!

Soothing music and night light giraffe

Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Giraffe I JessyOnlineIMG_5008

Here you can order our giraffe –>  http://j.mp/jessysmusiklichtgiraffe

This giraffe is awesome! It is cuddly soft but still firm, so that baby cannot sink with its face in it. It plays various quiet classical music/evening songs for about 15 minutes. Then she turns herself off by herself. But not just like that, no, the songs become quiet and slow down towards the end. So the good night song does not end abruptly. In addition, the stomach of the giraffe shines dark yellow. So it does not disturb the sleepy baby eyes. It stops glowing while the music continues in the dark for a few more minutes and fades away

The cover of the giraffe is washable also. That was the first thing I did after unpacking. I am so enthusiastic about this purchase that I cannot help but recommend it.

Night light and music turtle from Cloud b

Cloud b Tranquil Turtle I JessyOnline IMG_4998

Here you can order our turtle -> http://j.mp/jessysmusiklichtschildkroete

A great decoration element for us. It stands next to Lily’s bed. The sound of the sea plus relaxing music in combination with soft blue waves, i.e. moving light, projected onto the walls is often part of our evening ritual.

The volume as well as the light can be controlled, i.e. adjusted according to your wishes. The music and the wave light play for about 20 minutes.

Definitely a great gift and I was happy when Chris ordered it for us.

Homemade fun

selbstgemachte selbstgemachte Babyspielzeug I JessyOnlineTupperware can rattle
Wasserperlen I JessyOnlineTupperware box filled with dry pasta – great rattle.




Water pearls

Pearls that, when placed in water overnight, will grow big and become a perfect colorful filling for a play bottle.

!! Just always take care that the screw connection of the bottle does not come loose because of the danger of swallowing!

Lily loves to roll this bottle back and forth.

Here you can order the pearls -> http://j.mp/jessyswasserperlen

The links are so-called JessyOnline links. If you go to Amazon via these links and buy one or the other toy, Amazon will reward me with a small commission, because you found their store through me. Don’t worry, you won’t pay a cent more. The mini commission is actually coming from Amazon alone. If you don’t want to order with my links, but without, then I’m still happy for you and your baby, because you found such great toys through us.

These toys are not sponsored, but purchases we made for Lily herself. As always, I only recommend things that inspire me and that I would get or have gotten myself. My community is important to me and as Mr. Hipp says so nicely “With all recommendations I stand with my name”.


I wish you and your baby much fun playing <3

ps: please write me if you use my links, so I can thank you personally!

Happy Playtime!




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