Do I lack the maternal instinct?

With the birth of our Lily, my life has turned 360 degrees and this was difficult for me at first. I missed the time, which I had only for myself, my work, my hobbies, the social contacts, the hobbies, work and free time and above all the spontaneous lifestyle as a couple. Weekend trips, drinking wine at night on a hotel terrace in Seoul, Bangkok or Paris. Or the long dinners with friends at the Italian restaurant around the corner and then moving on to a cozy bar to stealing bread  in the bakery, which we had to pass on the way home because we lived in the apartment above and at 2 a.m. the rolls were already lying on silver metal trolleys as they were on the presentation plate to cool off. Of course, the morning after I always left a tip worth the stolen bread at the counter and the baker’s employees knew exactly why haha.

I have traveled to conferences for my work in the US, Or have done volunteer work and modeled on some projects on weekends. In a nutshell, when Lily was here (and my heart was full of love for her) I still missed the lifestyle that I or we had as a couple before life as parents.

The lifestyle that inevitably comes with the arrival of a baby has been quite a challenge for me. In this video I share with you why I felt like an outsider in the group of mommies and how I see the situation today.

It’s okay to be overwhelmed by this huge lifestyle! That doesn’t mean you’re a less good mom than the others. <3





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